Whiteboard Animation Videos Are Blowing Up Throughout the Web

Whiteboard Animation Videos are exploding across the web. These are the videos where where an artist's hand is revealed to sketch out text and images to show the message the video is trying to make clear. The majority of people find this type of video really entertaining to view. Maybe you're curious regarding how they are made and wish to know whether you would benefit from having one made for your site.

Custom Whiteboard Videos

I'm going to address a few of the most common concerns about whiteboard animation videos in this blog.

Why Use Video on Your Website?

If you are attempting to get a message across, whether to offer something, educate individuals or just to amuse, why select video over other formats? There are at least 3 great factors.

  • Video is the most available, compelling and instant medium around at the moment. We are all used to seeing TV or movie and digesting material in the form of moving images. We associate it with being amused and we prefer to be amused. Simply puts, individuals are more likely to stick to a video up until completion than they are with pure text or text and images.

  • Second, the Internet likes video. People will share amusing or informative video material through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, with a preparedness not found with other formats. (When did you last hear of a printed document 'going viral'?). And Google likes video. Do a search on almost any subject and you will discover a good crop of videos appearing plainly. It has been amply demonstrated that, all else being equivalent, a video will rank higher and quicker than the same material in another form will.

  • Third, if you produce a video, you have the methods to easily adjust it to present the exact same information in other formats. You can remove off the audio to develop something people can pay attention to and have that audio transcribed to have something individuals can check out.

Custom Whiteboard Videos

Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

In easy terms, whiteboard animation videos have all of the positives of other videos then some. Initially, there is always something occurring on screen to keep the audience engaged and interested. Second, the majority of us have been raised on cartoons and the aspect of animation develops a powerful subconscious draw. Third, they say a photo deserves a thousand words. Carefully selected images in a whiteboard animation can engage with audiences on a psychological level that simple words can not. The fact that those images are moving just contributes to the engagement.

For all these reasons, whiteboard animation videos have been revealed to be substantially more effective at getting a message across than other video formats. Which is especially real of sales messages.

Other Reasons To Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Whiteboard animation videos are entertaining and informative however they are also a whole lot more fun to enjoy than dry verbose PowerPoint presentations. We are going to be far more all set to digest information if we are having even a little bit of enjoyable along the way. Simply puts, we discover better when we are being captivated.

That is not all. Needing to break details down into a kind where it can be demonstrated with simple sketch images and short text snippets forces whoever is making the video to provide even intricate principles in an available manner.

Should You Be Using Whiteboard Animation?

Custom Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are going to out-perform run-of-the-mill videos in a whole range of applications. They have been shown to be more efficient at selling, training, captivating and presenting. Whiteboard animation carries a highly perceived value since it looks slick and professional and is very entertaining.

Where to get Whiteboard Animation Video with Collaborative Scripting and Custom Artwork?

Talking Heads® Produces Custom Whiteboard Video. Theybelieve truly Amazing videos start and finish with your goal in mind you may want one video or several different kinds of videos to assist your prospects become customers.

Before we begin, We ask questions. We learn WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY you do it that way. We want to be on the same page as you; like we work there.

They the best Animators, Illustrators, and Graphic Artists. Our videos are completely filmed and composited here at our studio to keep up our quality standards and exactness. We dont outsource our projects to other workshops. Every little thing is totally shot HERE!


These are the videos where where an artist's hand is shown to sketch out text and images to illustrate the message the video is attempting to get throughout. In easy terms, whiteboard animation videos have all of the positives of other videos and then some. For all of these reasons, whiteboard animation videos have been shown to be substantially more reliable at getting a message throughout than other video formats. Whiteboard animation videos are amusing and useful however they are likewise a whole lot more fun to watch than dry verbose PowerPoint discussions. Whiteboard animation videos are going to out-perform ordinary videos in a whole array of applications.

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